Why do i live?

The title of this question, have been consuming a lot of my time, in the past few weeks. I couldn’t get an answer. I tried, but just can’t put this question aside. Why do i live? I don’t know whether this question is a blunder as many have said to me. Any way i’ll write it down here, at least for the sake of relaxing my mind.

Why do you live? Have you ever thought this? May be or not. But i have. And here are some of the possible answers every one come across.

  • As a muslim, i was taught that we live to worship Allah. But why do he needs our worships? Allah is able to do everything on his own. Some says worshiping benefits us, not him. If so what is the use of so much ‘benefits’ for a life which doesn’t have a goal.
  • Once i met a pastor of a church from a bus. We started talking and slowly deviated to religious matters. He told me so much about christianity and jesus. Although i was afraid to ask this question to him, i couldn’t stop myself from doing so. His answer was, God created us to love. I thought a little and asked him back, if god created us to love, then why is he punishing us for sins. Why are some things right and some others wrong. He could have created us in a way, like we were in heaven, and nothing is a sin? Why didn’t he do it? He kept mum for a while, and started talking something else. I understood that he was trying to deviate the topic. I told myself that my question was a blunder. I shouldn’t ask such questions. May be we should just live on..
  • A psychologist and founder of SSF, Adv. Ismail wafa said me that everything we do is for pleasure. You worship god->you get heaven->you get pleasure. You study something->you get a job->you spend it->you get pleasure. Whatever things you do is for pleasure. So that is why we live!  Just to get pleasure. And what is pleasure? It is the experience of a flood of hormones released in the brain or it is certain patterns of brain signals. (May not be exactly, i’m not a neuro expert). So the best thing to do to reach our destiny would be to cut out our brain, and put it in a machine which helps produce that certain signal all the time.
  • Another answer would be to survive. Why should we survive? Are humans just a species who came in to earth one day, and extinct another day, just like dinosaur? (I don’t know whether dinosaurs had a reason to live!)

At last one thing i found, that can satisfy my mind was ‘not to answer the second why‘!! For example:

‘Why do i live?’

‘To worship allah’

Why should i worship allah?’


Another example:

‘Why do i live?’

‘To serve the poor’

‘Why should i help some people who have no reason to live?’


May be all questions are not to be answered..

What is your opinion?

Don’t waste your energy to say that these are blunders, just leave. I’ve already heard many 😀

EDIT Sep 30, 2016 : I should have asked ‘What is the purpose of humanity’ instead of all these! Thought I was the only one with this question. Very wrong!


  1. According to me , we live to feel alive. But most people don’t understand this and tries to fit into a society that does not even need them.Living by the society and living in a society are different. If you are living by a society there won’t be a purpose in anyones life as it is the society that decides what we should do and what not to.But living in a society means freedom, independence. Each day we can live challenging the society and ourselves, it makes us feel alive.

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