Things You Should Do Immediately When Your Facebook Account is Hacked

Your Facebook account getting hacked might be a really bad thing to happen to you. You have all those personal messages and other stuff that someone could be stolen or deleted, causing you a lot of trouble. If you feel that your account is hacked, you should take recovery steps immediately. Here are a few things you must do quickly to get your account back in good condition.

  • Change your password

Changing your password is probably the first thing you should do. If the hacker already changed your password, try to reset your password immediately. To reset your password, click on ‘Forgotten your password?’  in the Facebook login page. Make sure to choose a strong password.

  • Report compromised account

Go to Facebook will take you through a few steps to help you secure your account.

  • Compensate for what hacker did

Check your timeline to see if there are any unwanted posts. If so, delete it immediately. Post a status telling that your account was hacked. Similarly, check your messages to see whether any message was sent from your account recently. If so, message them telling what happened.

  • Make sure your Facebook account is secure

Don’t allow another hacker to get into your account. You can follow the steps in my blog post explaining how to secure your facebook account. Play safe!

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