The Bourne Identity

The Bourne series have always been my favourite movie series. I’ve lost count on how much times I’ve seen those movies over and over again. Apart from heroism and action in the movie, It feels so much realistic and I’m in love with the situational awareness of Jason Bourne. That is why I decided to read the book ‘The Bourne Identity’ which the movie was based on. Initially I started with an ebook and when the excitement started flowing, I ordered a used book from

I’ve read a lot of Malayalam novels but was not much in to English fiction. So I had little difficulty following the language in the beginning, but I synced in slowly after a few pages. I’ve never read anything with such a thrill and suspense. Robert Rudlum have done an excellent work, that his readers will have hard time in putting the book down, once started reading.

The fiction starts with a fishing boat and a man who fell in the mediteranean sea, shot and heavily wonded. He have lost his memory, and with the help of kind people in the fishing boat, he comes back to life. Memory-loss have become one of the common themes of movies and books, but this is the granpa of them all!

Starting with a bank account number on a film surgically implanted on his hip, he is in the run to find himself. Initially he was in a labyrinth; people trying to kill him, mismatching facts, bits and pieces of memory coming back at times… somewhere in the run, Marie joins him and becomes a part of his run and his life. As the story goes on, they realize more and more shocking facts about Jason Bourne. Well I’m not going to write down all the suspense here 😉

Jason Bourne is the master of situational awareness. He figures out alternate exits before entering an building. He counts the bullets his enemy shoots. He knows where to look for what. Known among his colleagues as ‘The Chameleon’, he can switch between multiple behaviours instantly, and speaks several languages in different accents. He disappears in crowds in seconds, that not even a single security camera could detect him. He is the expert in spreading chaos among the enemies. The master of chaos. The chameleon. The master of situational awareness.

The highlight of the story is that it feels so realistic and it is. There have been many rumours about secret programs even unknown to known secret agencies like CIA and many claims that to be true. Researches have been done on character modification, to turn a human being to an unstoppable weapon. The human weapons who are outside the laws, unaffected by the barriers of law, supported by the powerful!

Well, did I just say the suspense? Nah, the story doesn’t revolve around a big suspense at the last. Lot of small suspenses are waiting which fuels you to keep moving until the next suspense. After all, Robert Ludlum is often called as ‘The Master of Suspense’.

The 5th movie in the bourne series is going to be released on Aug 5, 2 weeks from now. I can’t wait to see my favourite character rolls once again on the screens. Waiting eagerly for Aug 5…

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