Some trips are just like that. We’ll just go. No plans. No booking tickets. I know most of you might agree that such trips ends up being the best trips in our lives. This was such a trip. ┬áThe only plan we had was that we’ll go somewhere tonight. After our work, we packed our bags and gathered at Potheri busstand. Since majority of hands were raised for Kodaikanal, the decision wasn’t hard to make.

It was almost 9 in the morning when we reached Dindugal. I was already starting to feel hungry. But since none of others were hungry and the number of buses were very less, I was forced to follow others. We boarded a bus to Batlagundu, and then to kodaikanal. As the bus started climbing the hair pin bends, the hot air was slowly getting replaced with the cold, accompanied with light rain.Continue reading

When we had to drop our Meeshapulimala trekking plan, I was very upset. But as the saying goes,

Sometimes your plans don’t work out because god has better ones

Nagalapuram was unknown to me until Pranay put out the suggestion. Wasting a weekend sleeping will always trigger the ‘end of weekend regrets’! So, all I wanted to do was to go somewhere. Continue reading