Life lessons From Clash of Clans

I have been playing Clash of Clans vigorously for last one month. It even changed my sleeping schedules. Some of my non-CoC-player friends have been advising me to stop wasting time, but I think it is fun to play.

As some one said,  Time You Enjoy Wasting is Not Wasted Time. What you do with your time doesn’t matter. What matters is how much you used insights from the past, how much you enjoyed the present, and how much you learned for the future.

Since I’ve invested so much time in playing CoC, I’ve tried learning a few life lessons from it. These are the lessons I’ve learned in one month. More experienced players might have more to share.

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Help others in need. That’ll earn you gems and experience. Even if you don’t expect to get something in back, you always get something.

The destination is not important, Journey is!

Everyone playing CoC knows what happens at last. You buy all upgrades, you reach a point where you don’t have anymore things to do. Game gets boring, and you stop playing. But travelling all the way from TH1 to top gives you happiness. Enjoy the journey called life!

Don’t rush to higher levels

You don’t need to rush to higher town hall levels. Enjoy and do everything you can at lower levels. Slowly go up. As you might think, higher levels don’t always give more or less happiness than lower levels do.

Timing is very important

You should know what to upgrade and when. You should do math on your time and upgrade time, so that builders never sleep.

Learn how to act and when

Know when to attack for trophies and when to attack for loot, and when not to attack. Some times more trophies gives you nothing, but some times trophies are important, You should know.

Don’t stay in the safe zone

Shields are not important. It prevents people from attacking you. Let people attack you so that you can learn the vulnerabilities in your defense. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Let the shields run out!

Ask for help

There are people out there waiting to help. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Never settle for less

When searching for matches, use that ‘next’ button until you find the most suitable base to attack. You never know what is coming next. Don’t settle for less, in anything!


As a foot note, you don’t need to play CoC to learn these lessons. Play if you enjoy. But remember Time is Money.

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