How to Stop Wasting Too Much Time on Whatsapp


Whatsapp is a very useful service, but it can be a time-killer if not used effectively. Here are some tips to prevent whatsapp from being your time-killer.

  1. Disable Notifications. This feature is available in android 4.2 or above. Read more about it here. There are similar workarounds available in iphone and windows.
  2. Remove Whatsapp icon from your home screen. This can keep your temptation away.
  3. Use broadcast feature in Whatsapp, if you regularly forward messages to specific people. It might be a time-saver for many.
  4. Leave unnecessary groups. Remove yourself from all the groups that doesn’t provide any value to you.
  5. Create a schedule and STICK TO IT. First five minutes of every hour, half hour each in the morning & evening, or anything that suites you. Don’t make it too much, don’t make it too less. Also let your close friends know your schedule.
  6. Scroll down! Think twice whether you really need to read all the 249 unread messages in the group.
  7. Find something else to do. Learn to repair your bike, cook something new, travel somewhere, visit your relatives. Don’t just sit with your phone.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

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