How to Download Your Google Search History

We all live in the internet world, we breath internet. If so Google is our guide to the world. Whenever we have a question, the first thing we do is to ‘Google’ it. You might have googled about a lot of things in the past. Going through your search history will help you know about yourself. What have you been searching for in the past year? What changed this year? What are your favorite stuff on the internet?

Here is how to get a copy of all your google searches in the past.

Go to Reenter your Google password if you are asked to do so. On the top right corner, bring down the menu by clicking on the menu button. Click on Download searches.


Now Google might warn you about your privacy and all, read it carefully and click on Create Archive. You will NOT be able to download the data instantly. Google will zip your search history and place it in your Google Drive folder. When everything is done, Google will email you with the link to your archive. Download it, unzip it and go on!


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