Do You Really Need a Task Killer For Android

I’ve seen a lot of android users using task killers which they believe to increase performance and battery life. Task killers may be useful in some cases, however they are found have more cons than pros. Here is what you need to know about task killers.

How Android memory management works

Android is really smart at managing the available memory. In Windows, when you close a program, it is immediately cleared from the memory (RAM). But in Android, things play differently. Android apps that you close doesn’t get cleared from memory, instead it remains in memory. Thus when you need to open the app again, you can do it much faster because it is still there in the memory. When there is less memory remaining and a new app needs to be loaded to memory, Android automatically clears least used apps from memory.

What do task killers in android do

There are many task killers out there in the play store. The main function they are found to do is to kill your tasks and clear your memory (RAM). After clearing memory, it shows how much MBs of RAM it cleared for you, and you get impressed. But you should keep in mind that clearing your memory doesn’t help to increase your performance or battery life. And sometimes it’ll decrease your battery life and performance.

When task killers clears you memory, all the apps stored in the memory is deleted. So when you need to open the app again, it should be loaded from the disk to your memory. That means you’ll need to wait a while before the app opens again. Also transferring data between disk and memory uses your battery charge. Thus both performance and battery life is reduced.

Does keeping your RAM empty saves battery power? No. An empty RAM and a full RAM needs the same amount of battery power. If haven’t heard yet, here is the thing: “Free RAM is wasted RAM!“. If your RAM is kept empty always, then you could have bought another device with less RAM and less cost.

So am i saying that a task killer do no good at all? Suppose there is a naughty task which stays in memory and uses CPU and other resources in the background. It should probably be killed. And task killers can do that.

So here is the conclusion. You don’t need a task killer. Android knows when to clear your memory, and it will, trust it! Task killers do 9 bad for one good, which is why you should avoid them.

Is there any good reason you find to use a task killer. Share your comments below.

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