Along the foggy paths of Kodai

Some trips are just like that. We’ll just go. No plans. No booking tickets. I know most of you might agree that such trips ends up being the best trips in our lives. This was such a trip.  The only plan we had was that we’ll go somewhere tonight. After our work, we packed our bags and gathered at Potheri busstand. Since majority of hands were raised for Kodaikanal, the decision wasn’t hard to make.

It was almost 9 in the morning when we reached Dindugal. I was already starting to feel hungry. But since none of others were hungry and the number of buses were very less, I was forced to follow others. We boarded a bus to Batlagundu, and then to kodaikanal. As the bus started climbing the hair pin bends, the hot air was slowly getting replaced with the cold, accompanied with light rain. The cool air rushing through the windows made us forget pain we had in our legs, standing for the last 3 hours in the bus. Our bus was climbing up very fast. I’ve always admired those heavy vehicle drivers who turns in hair pin bends as if they were playing with a toy!

It was 12.30 in the afternoon, when the bus halted at its final stop, Kodaikanal. Chennai would have started burning now, but it is so cold here at Kodai. Occasionally the rain got little heavier, which was adding to the mood. After food, we had no idea where to go. We just started walking. As said earlier, No plans! We entered coaker’s walk, which was the nearest to our room. It was just wow! We were walking above the mountains.. almost touching the clouds..

We didn’t stop at the end of Coaker’s walk. A light rain made the roads wet and beautiful for us. Cold water drops from the leaves were falling on our face as we walked through the greenery path. We were already about a mile away from our room, and it might get dark soon. But still none of us wanted to walk back. We just kept on walking.

In between all the chatterings and laughers we heard a truck coming behind us. Somebody proposed an idea of getting a lift. The truck driver was a good guy. He gave us a nice ride with the cold air of Kodai blowing directly on our faces. We thanked the truck driver, and continued walking!

We were really enjoying the refreshing walk. One guy among us (don’t ask names please 😉 ) started having nature calls. what… that is not bad..! While we were really enjoying the nature around, we were pretty sure he was not at all enjoying his nature 😀. He was trying to convince us to go back, but what effect could 1 do on 5 of us who were all on fire to keep moving.

We kept on walking and reached.. or let me say ‘discovered’ a water falls.. vattakanal falls. There was a mainstream road to reach there, which met the magical path that we’ve been walking through. I’m  pretty sure you won’t get this feeling of self discovery when you hire a cab and a guide to take you wherever he goes..

It was about to get dark, and we have miles to walk before we reach home ;). Adding to it, nature was insisting on our poor friend to reach home as soon as possible. We started walking back to our room slowly, enjoying the cold weather and fresh air. On our way back we visited a very old church too, which was wonderful.

At 3’o clock in the morning, I jumped out of the bed.. Lucky me! Goutham is not awake. Back to sleep. At 4 I heard his alarm ringing. In a half sleep mode, I listened to what he was doing. His hands came out of the blanket, switched of the alarm and went back in. If you are thinking why am I so much alert, We had a bet yesterday. If he woke up before me, he’ll pour cold water on me, which will freeze me at this cold weather.  I don’t remember how this bet came up, but I thought it would be a good idea to get everyone up in the morning, So that I can go for a walk very early in the morning, which I really wanted to do. But you see, it was a terrible idea! After some time I heard Jaimon jumping out of bed. I don’t know how he does it, but for me it took a lot of time to get myself out of the blanket. Soon Goutham was also out of his bed. Suddenly Ashish jumped out of bed and cried out “Stupids, are you going to watch sunrise without me..!!” Finally we 4 walked out to the cold morning. 2 guys were still asleep. one was not feeling well, and other one was talking to his girlfriend all night, so he couldn’t wake up 😀

It was freezing cold outside, and dead silent. Not even birds were awake at this time. The whole world around us was in sleep wrapped up in blankets. We couldn’t even take our hands out of sweater pockets. But still none of us wanted to miss the sunrise.

It is said that coaker’s walk is the best place to watch sunrise in kodai. Unfortunately it was closed at 5 in the morning. As we walked along the road, we saw a local guy on a bicycle approaching. With his help we found out a spot at a hospital nearby. We went to the backside of hospital. Wow!! We were right above coaker’s walk! We sat there waiting for the sun to rise. In between I heard Ashish murmuring “Where is this stupid sun!” Finally, after a long wait, it showed up. I always believe some things can’t be described in words. This was one such experience. The red infant sun came out of the clouds slowly letting its rays pierce the clouds and shattering all around. Below us everything was filled with fog except the top of hills, to which sun rays added a yellowish flavor. It brought with it a lot of energy which I felt inside me. And you know what, If I was to come all the way to kodai, watch this sunrise, and then go back home, I say the trip would be worth!!

The rest of the day was spent in sight seeing. We hired a cab so that we can see as many things as possible. We were all missing that feeling of being on our own, but we were able to see a lot of places by evening. We pushed our legs to its limits. A long walk down and up the hill to see dolphin nose. And finally a 4-5 km walk around the kodai lake.

On the way back home, I was felt so peaceful. One more place in my bucket list is down, and it was great. The endless walk, the best sunrise ever, the stunning view of pillar rocks, the view from echo point, watching the full moon lying on the road, the shivering.. everything is going to be sweet memories that I’ll cherish forever in my life..


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